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It can take years to build respect, credibility and a good reputation, but only a few minutes for someone with ill-intent to come along on the Internet and try to impeach it with lies and defamation. 

Since that day, Lenny has been one of the few parents to speak openly about the tragedy and has even offered to dispel myths created and propagated by a small but obsessive cadre of conspiracy theorists known as Hoaxers. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. Because of his forthrightness, Lenny has become the primary focus of attacks emanating from this cult-like group, whose loosely affiliated members have issued multiple death threats and leveled a host of false accusations against him, including the absurd claim that he faked his own son’s death, among other despicable and unfounded charges. 

Though Lenny’s candidness and willingness to confront the Hoaxers has made him one of their highest profile targets, he is by no means being singled out. Since day one of the SHES tragedy, every parent and family member who lost a loved has been subjected to varied degrees of defamation, harassment and intimidation. While the majority of those victims have chosen to stay relatively silent about the crimes committed against them, Lenny Pozner believes that speaking out and bringing attention to the Hoaxers is the best way to prevent the verbal and online harassment from escalating to acts of physical violence.